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The best way to predict the future  is to  create  it
(Peter Drucker)

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What does the European Union mean to you? Unless you are an expert or insider, Brussels is far away, with large buildings and closed conclaves. But that anonymous European Union is in a state of revolution. In this book Marc De Vos describes how the climate crisis, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the end of globalisation, and the new cold war with China, have made the European Union the most important political force in Europe. He shows how the mission and identity of the European Union are transforming: from a European community into a geostrategic coalition of European and Eurasian countries, from a union of values into a union of power, and from a market project into a state project.

The EU is becoming a federal superpower in a new world order. However, this happens almost unnoticed, in response to external crises and above the heads of European citizens. This book exposes growing tensions within this new European Union: between values and interests, geography and geopolitics, democracy and technocracy, market and state, and European member states themselves. If its de facto transformation is not supported by a new political structure, a crisis of effectiveness and legitimacy is looming that could ultimately threaten the European Union itself.

The book will be published in English later this year.

The crossroads in history at which Europe finds itself

.Alexander De Croo

A thorough and, above all, timely reflection on the future of the EU.

Rik Van Cauwelaert

Highly recommended for those looking to gain in-depth insight into the ongoing realignment of power and powerlessness.

Frans Van Daele

Who is Marc ?

I am a ‘doer-thinker’ at the crossroads of expertise, policy, society, and industry.

I am a strategist. I am a student of history, of geopolitics and the major trends of our time. I connect these to the contemporary reality of organisations and businesses to help them renew themselves, so we can all contribute to making the world better.

Labour market, HR, and the welfare state, are the bedrock of my academic activities. Globalisation and the European Union are my intellectual and professional habitat.

I have had leadership roles at universities and in the think-tank world, in Europe and Australia. Ghent University is currently my academic home.

I am fascinated by policy and politics. I was the foundational CEO of the Itinera Institute. I am an opinion contributor for domestic and international media outlets. I also have a column in Trends magazine.

Collaborating, connecting and partnering for impact, that makes me tick. Feel free to contact me for questions or suggestions.

Strategy Consultant  ESG adviser 
Labour market expert 

 Opinion Leader    Professor   Columnist 


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The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism

Keyu Jin

Are we experiencing 'Peak China' or the 'Century of China'? As the multipolar world order takes shape, this book paints a picture of a future China, which will be created and led by a younger generation that has grown up since China's resurrection.

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