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Deafspraak 121223.png

Debate - De Afspraak


"Europe is now more about security than economics," says Professor Marc De Vos (in Dutch)


Interview in De Tijd


Professor Marc De Vos: 'Europe is becoming a federal state at record speed'

Trends dubbelinterview.png

​Double interview with Prime Minister De Croo in Trends


'The Russians are much better than Europe at rigging a war economy.' (in Dutch)

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Interview Radio 1 - De Ochtend


The new book 'Superpower Europe' is about the challenges facing our continent and what answers the European Union could offer to them. Marc De Vos, professor at UGent and author of the book, explains more. (in Dutch)

Delhaize Kanaal Z.png

Interview on Kanaal Z about Delhaize


In the KanaalZ studio about the final phase of the Delhaize conflict and its consequences for social dialogue in Belgium.


'Delhaize could revolutionise restructuring process in Belgium' (Trends)


Interview with Trends/Knack on the endgame in the social conflict at Delhaize and its possible political consequences.
(in Dutch)

Zomerbilan Trends Talk.png

The summer review: Belgium, Europe and the world (TrendsTalk)


In broad conversation on KanaalZ about the state of Belgium, the federal government, the role of Europe and the problems in China. (in Dutch)

Leefloners Trends.png

The paradox of rising living wage numbers (Trends)


Interview with Trends-Knack about the why, what and how of the rising number of living wage recipients in Belgium, while the labour market is begging for people. (in Dutch)

Automatische indexering Trends.png

Automatic wage indexation also in the Netherlands? (Trends)


The Netherlands discovers Belgium! Some reservations about the desirability and feasibility of automatic wage indexation 'Belgian style' in the Netherlands. (in Dutch)


What is the state of sustainability of pensions in Belgium? (Terzake)


In conversation with Terzake with context and interpretation on a federal pension reform that is mostly a pension increase. Pension fatigue has unfortunately crept into politics while the urgency for the budget is acute. (starting at 3min30 in Dutch)

De EU heeft geen subsidie-imitatie nodig.png

What should be Europe's response to America's protectionism? (NPO1)


Interview with NPORadio1 about the heart and soul of our European economic model in response to US protectionism: does the EU serve all member states in the same way or mainly the big and the rich? Europe has options to avoid an arms race (from min. 17, in Dutch).

Media marc de vos.jpg

The risk of slipping as a country is very real


Breakthrough interview on the state and the country's imminent arrival: the great and inevitable challenges we can and must face together. Agree or disagree. (in Dutch)


Belgian budget deficit derailed, 22 economists sound the alarm (Radio 1)


In conversation about derailed budgets and the need to intervene, following a collective opinion piece with a group of economists. (in Dutch)


Spending frenzy clashes with dramatic public finances (De Tijd)


Together with a diverse group of economists, I call in De Tijd for urgency and decisiveness to make Belgium's public finances healthy. (in Dutch)

2022-07-28 13_56_25-Z-Nieuws 19_07_22_ Vivaldi slaagt er niet in de pensioenen te hervorme

Interview Channel Z on pension reform


In Z-News, Marc De Vos provides interpretation on the latest pension reform decided by the federal government.


Pro Flandria - The first big '2024 debate'


"The democratic and governance deficit"


Breaklines 2020, perspective 2030.


2020 and the corona crisis highlighted fault lines and structural woe in our society. But what awaits us after the pandemic, heading toward 2030? (in Dutch)


De Afspraak - Canvas


Embrace economic reality, embrace e-commerce (in Dutch)


De Afspraak - Canvas


In De Afspraak, Prof. Dr. Marc De Vos (visiting fellow Itinera) talks about his book "Better is not enough": an appeal for democratic patriotism and against stagnation. (in Dutch)

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